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alphabet superset - A to Z of coding curiosities

I am currently undergoing the Alphabet Superset challenge! Each week, for each letter of the alphabet, I’m creating a small project in Svelte. It’s a way for me to get used to building quickly, getting creative and just getting something out in the world! And of course, it’s a great way for me to practice coding and experiment with Svelte! 🌱

this website! built with Svelte & SvelteKit ❀️
Svelte | Tailwind | Markdown

outverse πŸͺ

working full-time frontend with the team at Outverse πŸ’«
Svelte | TypeScript | Tailwind | Storybook


the win jar πŸ†

my entry for the AWS Amplify x Hashnode hackathon ~ writeup
React | TypeScript | Tailwind | Storybook | Material UI | AWS

nicoleisxyz v1 🌱

my old portfolio site, originally build with Gatsby (and featured in the Gatsby newsletter!), then migrated to Astro ~ live
Gatsby > Astro | Tailwind | Ghost CMS > Markdown


hipeople πŸ‘‹

my first role in web development; worked full-time frontend with the team at HiPeople - building a product in the HRTech sphere πŸ’«
React | TypeScript | Storybook

iMage the Photo Wizard πŸͺ„

my first technical challenge for a job - a single-page React app where you can search Unsplash API for images ~ github | live
React | API


the year I started learning web development

gradient generator

a customisable linear gradient generator built with HTML, CSS & JS - pick your own colour, linear direction and copy the CSS straight to your clipboard ooo ~ github | live
HTML | CSS | JavaScript

huddle landing page

a responsive landing page to flex my styling muscles, no pun intended πŸ€ͺ ~ github | live
HTML | CSS | Sass

price grid component

a frontend mentor challenge with a slightly more complex layout ~ github | live
HTML | CSS (using flex/grid)

profile card component

my very first frontend mentor challenge! a small, static card component ~ github | live


a Nand to Tetris course assignment - translates programs written in the N2T Hack assembly language into machine code ~ github