E is for Escape: Immersive 3D Space with Threlte

Oct 22, 2023

Warp 2023

My E week project for Alphabet Superset is Aurasphere πŸͺ

This was also my entry for the first official Threlte Hackathon! It was a week long async hackathon so it made perfect timing for an alphabet superset project ✌️ Super happy to have got 3rd place in the Wow track 😌

Wow Track

Warp Criteria


The application features an interactive 3D scene, the Aurasphere, rendered using the Threlte library.

My initial inspiration was thinking about how when people are experiencing an anxiety attack/panic attack or even just feeling a bit stressed and needing a breather, it could help to have an app to help ground them and reconnect them back to the present moment. It’s an easy and friendly way to do a little breathing exercise and something to focus on in times of anxiety or stress!


  • users can inhale and exhale in time with the movement of the planet for a calming experience.
  • ambient sound can be toggled on and off by clicking on the planet.
  • users can explore the rest of the scene which provides sensory visuals and animations.
  • hover interactions and animations
  • works on mobile





  • Svelte
  • TypeScript
  • Tailwind
  • Threlte

future enhancements

  • using threlte/extras PositionalAudio for the sound
  • embedding actual buttons with the HTML component
  • more interactive elements with more objects / scenes to visit
  • choice of environments / soundscapes
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