B is for Bebo: BeHere Social App

Sep 17, 2023

My B week project for Alphabet Superset is BeHere ❤️

It was inspired by the old social media Bebo (IYKYK!), where we had chaotic profiles with ✨ stunning ✨ graphics, we commented on each other’s page, and only had a set amount of ‘luv’ per day that we could give out.


♥️ Update your profile with a bio, interests and social links

♥️ Upload a profile photo

♥️ Comment on other user’s profiles and on your own

♥️ Share the luv! You can give a luv to another user once per day

I did originally plan to add Friends functionality and customisation with ‘skins’, but it underestimated how long that would all take so I stopped at the above 🤪

Using Svelte with Typescript on the frontend, and it was my first time using Firebase in a side project on the backend (auth, storage and firestore).

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