A is for ADHD: svelte fidget

Sep 10, 2023

A couple of weeks ago I signed up to the Alphabet Superset challenge by Struthless! (one of my favourite YouTube channels)

Alphabet Superset is a creativity challenge where your scope stays the same each week, but the topic changes to a different letter of the alphabet each week.

My ‘set’ is ‘A to Z of coding curiosities’, where over 26 weeks I’ll be creating a small svelte project, around things that I’m curious about. I’m hoping it’ll help me just build stuff and make n ship small side projects again, whilst also getting some Svelte practice in.

I’m giving myself permission for them to be messy and imperfect, and hopefully I don’t get too caught up and dilly dally on the unimportant things lol

Here is my first project for A week - svelte fidget! ✨

I’ve created some mini virtual fidget toys: a bubble-wrap inspired popper, a fidget spinner (with funky variety) and a lil clacky key, fun!!

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