Setting up my mac for development

Jun 28, 2023

dev tools I use / what I do when setting up a new macbook for development

set up CLI tools & homebrew šŸŗ

install xcode cli tools install homebrew

set up Hyper terminal āš”ļø

download from hyper website and install

plugins & themes available too

set up Oh My Zsh šŸ¢

install zsh

installation instructions for oh my zsh

install oh my zsh plugins

  • aliases - I use the github aliases to speed up my workflow e.g. gst, gp, gl, gc
  • zsh-autosuggestions - for autocomplete in the terminal

big list of oh my zsh plugins

set up Starship šŸš€

starship website & installation

update starship config

create a config directory and file

mkdir -p ~/.config && touch ~/.config/starship.toml

update config file to make it cute šŸ’…

screenshot of terminal

below code is my current config - for more info on starship config options > starship docs

format =

# [time]
# disabled = false
# format = '[ $time]($style) '
# time_format = '%H:%M'

# Replace the 'āÆ' symbol in the prompt with 'āžœ'
[character] # The name of the module we are configuring is 'character'
success_symbol = '[āžœ](purple)'

home_symbol = 'šŸ '

set up VSCode

download and install from vs code website

choose a theme

decisions decisions!! iā€™m currently using Noctis Uva (from the Noctis theme collection)

install extensions

(or sync them from settings sync)

  • Prettier
  • Svelte for VS Code
  • Tailwind CSS Intellisense
  • IntelliJ IDEA Keybindings
  • Error Lens
  • Svg Preview
  • Figma for VSCode
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