In memory of Lolo 🕊️

Jun 30, 2023

tw: family death

Lolo (my filipino grandfather) passed away in early 2022. I wrote this eulogy for his funeral, and I said I would share it after - it’s been well over a year since then. Maybe it’s taken a while to emotionally process ~ until now, I would read it and close it again. Anyway, now feels like a good time to finally share it. He was a pretty cool dude. 🤍


an old film photo of lolo feeding pigeons

what a life you have lived and how blessed I am to have been a part of it

telling me to sing a song at the karaoke at the Filipino parties

even though it was scary to sing in front of people

“apo, you sing”

encouraging me to find my voice

passing me the songbook

whilst you were channelling your inner pop star to “the young ones”

master of the MagicSing


passionate about English words

reading the big dictionary and teaching me the words you had learned

here are some words I would use to describe you





you were always so willing to learn new things

you made art

brought people to life on paper with watercolour

and painted smiles on those around you


hey thanks for picking me up from college in your blue car with the L plates

so I could have some extra practice when learning to drive

even though you didn’t like the way I drove


I never left your house hungry

“apo, you eat”

you made the best creme caramels

the best pancit

the best sinigang

and sent me to university armed with chicken adobo

even now you are gone you made sure we were fed

we got to savour your last spring rolls together - masarap!


oh, a fond memory

at Christmas in the Philippines you dressed up as Santa

but didn’t have a beard

so made one out of shaving foam

that was pretty fun


you were the Avendaño manny pacquiao

when I had my first kickboxing fight

you said my jabs and hooks could be better

then all of a sudden you were hooked

to the machines keeping you alive

they said you weren’t likely to make it through the night

but you were stubborn enough to make it another

so we could be there with you

to witness your final fight

we know you fought hard

and gave it your best

“lolo, you sleep”


you were the life and soul of every party

unapologetically yourself

and now life subsides, but your soul remains

in every memory

with every loving meal you made

with everyone that you made smile

with your contagious lolo laugh

tulog na

until next time

mahal kita, super lolo 🕊🤍


an old film photo me as a baby with lolo me and lolo at a family party - great gatsby themed! me in between my lolo and lola on my graduation day in my cap and gown ⇦ back to all posts