Allow me to re-introduce myself

Aug 26, 2023

You may have noticed something different about my online profiles - nearly a month ago I made the decision to go by a new name! A name I have chosen as a reclamation of my roots and one I feel super connected to. It represents not just where I come from, but also feels like a way to step into and celebrate who I am now, a more unmasked human. 🌱

So allow me to re-introduce myself ~ I am Mayari Anastacia Avendaño 🌙✨ ~ you can call me Maya 🦋 [my-ah]

The meaning behind the name:

  • Mayari [pronounced my-ah-ree] = the goddess of the moon in Tagalog mythology 🌙 (+ Maya is a former national bird of the Philippines 🇵🇭)
  • Anastacia = in memory of my late Lolo (Filipino grandfather), a variation of his name Anastacio. Also means resurrection, “the act of causing something that had ended or been forgotten or lost to exist again”
  • Avendaño = carrying the maternal maiden name down from my Filipino lineage

Earlier this week was Lolo’s birthday, and he would often say about wanting us to use the Avendaño name online. It feels like a lil gift to my ancestors, and I think he’d be happy 🤍

Since wearing my new name, I’m surprised by how much joy I feel in just hearing and seeing it - it just really feels like me 🥰 and so far I’m am beyonddd grateful for the support, kind messages and just lovely, non-judgemental accommodation in my personal circles and at work 🥺

Much love, Maya 💜

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